5 Tips for Cleaning Your House Quickly and With Little Effort

Cleaning house is something that most people dread. It takes time and effort that you would much rather be spending doing almost anything else. We often find ourselves postponing and making excuses to the point where it becomes a mountain of cleaning. To avoid the building of this mountain, we have a few tips. You can use them every day to avoid build up. They do not take a lot of time and they can be great for when you expect guests and don’t have enough time for everything.

1. Clear surface clutter

Take a basket and collect everything that is clutter on kitchen counters, dressers, desks, and vanities. Anything that doesn’t serve as decoration or doesn’t have a specific function goes in the basket. You can sort through the basket contents at the end of the day, or whenever you have time, and put things where they belong.

2. Wipe all surfaces

Once the clutter is removed, you can now wipe these surfaces. Don’t just clean around objects but also under them. If you cleaned the clutter away this shouldn’t be a problem. Wipe down kitchen counters, coffee tables, dining tables, desks, etc.

3. Take out the trash

Empty all the trash cans in bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. A house without garbage is a house that looks and feels clean. Taking out the trash regularly will also prevent nasty smells hanging around.

4. Sweep or vacuum the floors

Keep this step for after the wiping of surfaces as there are often crumbs and other small particles that fall to the floor. Sweep tile floors and vacuum carpets. A clean floor makes a house feel instantly cleaner.

5. Make the beds every morning

Making the bed is not something that your mom moaned about for no reason. A made bed is a psychological preparation for starting the day and being productive. Somehow an unmade bed seems to say you should be sleeping or not do anything productive.

Fluff throw pillows in living areas and hide all dirty clothes hampers or baskets to finish off your quick house clean. If you follow these tips, you shouldn’t need to spend hours and a lot of effort cleaning your house.