7 Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Replace Windows and Doors

Today, I would like to share some tips that will be useful to homeowners as well as window and door business owners. If you have a business, you probably already know how to identify faults in windows and doors. However, I have found that some business owners just respond to call-outs and don’t even test to see if replacement is really the best option. For homeowners, these tips will help you know when it is time to call the window replacement guy.

Drafts – Drafts are the first way of knowing that your window or door needs replacing. A draft means that the window or door is no longer sealing properly and not insulating the house. The problem can be temporarily fixed by using weather stripping, but eventually, you will have to replace it. Windows and doors that let drafts in, increases energy use as you try and regulate the temperature inside your house.

Peeling paint – Peeling paint and splitting may be indicators of a problem. If your window frames are made of wood, splitting can cause serious damage later on. Splitting allows for moisture to get in the wood which can lead to rot and insects like termites. If your window frames are compromised, it could cause structural damage if it is not repaired.

Doors and windows that don’t open – Doors and windows that cannot easily be opened and closed are a fire hazard. If your house were to caught fire, you will not have time to struggle to open a window or door. It needs to just work. When windows or doors are painted shut, nailed shut, or no longer stay open on their own, it may be a sign to replace them.

They let in light – Once a door or window is closed, you should see no light entering from underneath or around it. If light is coming through the sills or frames, it means that wind, water, dust, and insects can also come through. You want your doors and windows to seal properly and keep out any unwanted elements.

Condensation between panes – If you have double or triple paned windows and you see condensation or a film forming between panes, you need to have them checked. The condensation means that they are not insulating your home as they should anymore. If you catch it soon enough, replacement may not be needed.

Your energy bill is very high – When doors and windows don’t seal well and don’t insulate the house as they should, your energy bill will show it. If air from outside is coming in the house, it makes temperature regulation very difficult. This means that you will use your air conditioning and heating systems a lot more than you would if your house was properly insulated.

You want a change – If you feel that your windows are no longer adding to your home’s appearance or you just plain don’t like them, it is time to replace them. This is your chance to decorate and be energy-efficient all in one go.

Look out for these signs as they usually indicate that it is time to replace your windows and doors to save energy and keep your home cozy. If you notice any of them, it’s time to call a professional. If you’re on the East Coast, we highly recommend our friends over at All Seasons Window & Door Co. in Charlotte, NC. Check out their website here.

signs its time to replace your windows