Finding A Way Out of Yard Work

Okay … so let’s talk about landscape and a way to get away from doing yard work. One of the negatives about home ownership is the constant need to do yard work. Let’s be real … if there was a way to get out of doing yard work who wouldn’t want to do it? Unless you are one of those weird people who likes doing yard work then this is for you!

Something I have been thinking of lately and see as sort of odd is how we humans buy a plot of land that was recently mulled over by bulldozers and is now a rocky dirt mixture. We then plant a certain type of grass of our choosing and fight tooth and nail to keep the weeds from infiltrating and taking over. Then comes the endless upkeep and manicuring of the lawn to keep it all neat and pretty looking.

For some, and once upon a time for me, this well-manicured lawn instills a sense of pride and vocation. Despite this, lately, I have been really considering ditching this endless battle for the perfect lawn and getting away from all of the yard work.

You may be asking yourself, “How on earth to you plan on getting away from doing yard work?” Lately I have been reading about and looking into natural lawns. Now, I am not saying that with these natural lawns you won’t have to ever do any yard work for the rest of your life, but it will greatly decrease the amount of yard work you do have to do and leave you with more free time.

A friend of mine who owns a tree service company in Charlotte NC has given me a few pieces of advice when it comes to landscape maintenance in general. He’s been educating me quite a bit on the choices we have when it comes to natural lawns. According to him, a wildflower seed mix is a great option as it is low maintenance and will attract beautiful wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Another option I have been looking into to avoid lawn upkeep is getting some goats to graze and groom the lawn for me.

Plus I am a big fan of goat cheese, but … we shall see.

BTW, a little plug for my friend mentioned above. If you’re curious about your options and/or tree maintenance in general, feel free to contact him through his website, and tell him I sent ya!