The Perfect DIY Scent Project for Each Season

The one business I truly envy is Bath & Body Works. If anyone has mastered capturing each season in a scent, it’s Bath & Body Works. Although I love their candles, I always end up breaking the bank purchasing their candles and other products. After all, does anyone really have enough self-control to walk out with only one candle? I know I don’t. That’s why I’ve created an easy DIY scent project that captures each season. Soon enough, you’ll have your own seasonal scent that will be budget-friendly and make your home smell amazing.

  1. Citrus Summer

When I think of summer, I think of bright colors and a light citrus flavor. That’s why this scent is made with fresh lemons and other clean and crisp ingredients. All you need is a lemon, a few rosemary stems, a jar of water, and a few drops of vanilla extract. There’s no specific order of how to add the ingredients. Simply throw everything into the jar, shake it up, and keep it open to let the scent spread throughout the room.

  1. Lilac Spring

Similarly to summer, spring has a light airy scent. But, spring has a slightly more romantic and graceful aspect to it. That’s why this room spray is made with one of the most delicate refreshing scents available: lilac. All you need is a spray bottle, vodka, water, and an essential oil with a lilac scent. Like the previous project, simply add all of the ingredients into the spray bottle and shake it up. Then, spray the scent around your room.

  1. Fall in a Jar

Fall tends to have two scents: smoky bonfire or rich spicy notes of neutral colored things, like cinnamon. For this polymer faux candle, all you need is a jar, polymer that absorbs water, water, a cinnamon essential oil, and an orange essential oil. Fill your jar with polymer, then add the rest of the ingredients. In order to create a nice blend, secure the jar and shake it up. Then, leave the jar open.

  1. Holiday Blend

Unlike the other projects on this list, you aren’t going to store this DIY scent project. Instead, simply bring a large pot of water to a boil. Then, add cranberries, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, vanilla, rosemary stems, and nutmeg. Let the pot simmer for a little bit, then turn the heat off. The aroma should fill up your house and make it smell like a classic holiday blend within minutes.